An internship in L'Arche in France

An out-of-the-ordinary internship

"JI know that this internship will have a real, extremely long-lasting impact on me. […] I have come away from this month with a new outlook and new keys to reading. […] Working alongside people who demonstrate a real commitment in their work has also been very enlightening as I have been able to better understand what the idea of social utility is."

Julien, ESSEC student

The fruit of the experience, by Arnaud, medical student, having a break from his studies at L'Arche

Apart from the services where there is the most distress, where suffering is really palpable, it is rare for the Other to be central to our work, before the illness. I have come to terms with this: illness is less frightening than suffering. To accept the other's suffering, you need to know how to look kindly on your own, to humbly accept your condition as a sinner.  L'Arche has helped me to make this journey. ☛ Read more (FR)

An internship full of surprises

It was a surprising internship for Timothée, a student at the ESSEC management school, who was sent to a L'Arche home for "field experience".. ☛ Read more (FR)


✔ Learning things which you don't learn at school

✔ Discovering yourself: your limits and your gifts

✔ Enriching your reflection on humanity and the meaning of life 

✔ Confronting yourself and welcoming difference

✔ Learning to work in a team

✔ Taking on responsibilities and initiatives

✔ Discovering a particular organisational and governance model and for exercising authority

Internships which are also appreciated by...

☞ Young people at secondary school or sixth form, who are near a community and come to spend a day or several days discovering it. 

☞ Students in the medico-social sector, who gain a wealth of experience and enrich their reflections on the support relationship.

☞ Seminarists, Taizé brothers, novices from various congregations who come to L'Arche for several weeks or for a longer period as part of their human and spiritual formation. 

Participate in an event with L'Arche

The L'Arche communities regularly organise events open to young people from all walks of life: out-of-the ordinary WYD, sporting events, weekend meetings and spiritual retreats... Check out the calendar.

Approaching a community

One way of establishing a link with the people is to approach the community nearest to where you live: participate in the events which are offered, spend time there regularly as a friend or get involved as a volunteer…

Carry out a civic service role

The civic service volunteer lives with people with an intellectual disability. S/he accompanies them in everyday life in the home and in the activities offered. S/he commits for a period of approximately 1 year. It is a foundational experience!