Testimonies from former L'Arche volunteers

They lived the L'Arche experience…

They bear witness.


The magic of L'Arche

Blandine was a volunteer at L'Arche in Anjou. She tells us about the simplicity of life in the home.

Volunteering at L'Arche transforms your outlook

After her experience at L'Arche, Elisabeth no longer sees people with disabilities… but people who are spontaneous and happy to show their emotions.


The fruit of experience

Three years after spending 9 months as a volunteer in a L'Arche home, Arnaud resumed his medical studies. He recalls the fruit of all of that spent energy, those encounters, joys and chores which he experienced back then.

Sharing everyday life

Being a volunteer means "simply sharing" daily life with the core members. Clémence and Mirka evoke those everyday tasks (waking up, washing up and doing the shopping), which are all moments of complicity and dialogue with them.


Rodrigo, a Taillé brother, shares his experience

After 3 years at Taizé, Rodrigo spent a year in a L'Arche home at Les Trois Fontaines as part of his formation. Here's an update after 6 months.

A rich experience, useful for the future

It is a rich, interesting experience, made of up intense encounters, an experience that gives you more strength and enriches you for the rest of your life – that's what Justus, Marie-Philip, Felician, Aymeric and Rocio de Liz tell us.


A better understanding of others and fo yourself

As part of her training at ESSEC, Violaine spent a month in a L'Arche home. At the end of the internship, she recalls what she has discovered.


Serving the out-of-the-ordinary WYD with L'Arche

While helping out at the WYD with L'Arche & Co, which brought together more than 900 young people, including 1/3 with a disability, Louis and Mélanie note: "This camp breathes simplicity".

Testimonies from people with a disability

L'épreuve des mots [The ordeal of words]

By producing the film "L'épreuve des mots", L'Arche in France has given a voice to men and women with experience of disability. A voice that is rarely heard. These people evoke society's major themes: such as politics, money, death, religion and friendship..... Or they explore the palette of emotions for us. Some extracts are below or  ☛ transcribed (fr).

Being in love, being happy and being cool

And what if disability was an opportunity?

Perception of disability

bouton chaine youtube l'arche en france

Plus de vidéos de la série "A fleur de mots"

#AsIAm web series by L'Arche international

People with an intellectual disability live in the shadow of a persistent view – which is present in all cultures – that they are undesirable. This is one of the major injustices in our world and is something that we can change. The L'Arche international web series "Je suis comme je suis"] ["I am as I am"] is an invitation to imagine the world differently and to rejoice in being who you are and as you are.

#As I Am - We remember (Episode 8, India)

To go further….and contribute to your reflection

From financial management to leading a L'Arche community

Etienne Hériard braved a change of career: he halved his salary in order to be consistent with his faith.

The Meaning of Meeting

More than relationship, the encounter demands equality, parity, gratuity which makes it one of the most decisive experiences of existence. For whoever wants to live it in truth, it is stripping.

"I invite you to yours!"

A person with an intellectual disability turns to a passing friend and calls out: "I invite you to yours tomorrow!" This amusing slip of the tongue tells us something about the inner journey to which we are invited by people who are sick or have a disability. The relationship with the fragile person leads, frequently and mysteriously, to the experience of encountering yourself.

Philippe de Lachapelle, Director of the OCH Foundation

There are several ways of getting involved in L'Arche

a community


One way of establishing a link with the people is to approach the community nearest to where you live: participate in the events which are offered, spend time there regularly as a friend or get involved as a volunteer

Carry out a
civic service role


The civic service volunteer lives with people with an intellectual disability. S/he accompanies them in everyday life in the home and in the activities offered. S/he commits for a period of approximately 1 year. It is a foundational experience!

An out-of-the-ordinary


In L'Arche, we learn things we don't learn at school; we escape our social, cultural and intellectual backgrounds... Some discover this through an out-of-the-ordinary internship.

in an event


The L'Arche communities regularly organise events open to young people from all walks of life: out-of-the ordinary WYD, sporting events, weekend meetings and spiritual retreats... Check out the calendar (in French)